Friday, February 15, 2013

More Than Just London Bridges Falling Down

BBC's Sherlock anyone?  I'm absolutely hooked--or at least I would be if there were more than just SIX EPISODES in existence T^T Anyway, I think the show's great, and it's because of this that I took notice of Martin Freeman (who is hilarious, btw and seriously should not have been able to make me cry since I already knew how Reichenbach was going to end but he was just so brilliantly tragic in that episode) and so got the incentive to watch The Hobbit.

So I pretty much had to do this design even though I didn't have the only two colors this design called for. (Maybe I'll redo it someday when I actually get brown, grey, and season three... =o=) I tried to make brown by mixing polishes, but it's like, not possible; I looked it up and tried like every color combo suggested.  But alas, no brown... I tried to put tan over the black in a last-ditch effort for brown, but it just made the design runny, and now it's sort of messy... So yeah, it's more like a messy, dirty black-and-white (though it looks more navy than it is) photo than the vintage-y feel I get from the original picture.  I guess it's okay though, since I deviated quite a bit from the original in terms of spacing and building design anyway.

This is the pic I based the design off of.

...I should have looked at it while I drew because now that I see them side-by-side, they don't even look remotely similar... o__O"

Black:  Black by Santee & Liquid Leather by OPI
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21 & White by Art Deco
Tan:  Bamboo Shoot by Sally Hansen


Whenever I'm lacking inspiration, I tend toward floral patterns just because they have so much variety and tend to be pretty simple, but I want to use those as my last resorts, so.  I was just rolling around in the mess I call my room, noticed one of the pea coats in my closet, and thought why not?  I'd been seeing so many different kinds of shirt collars everywhere recently and was going to end up drawing them sooner or later anyway, so instead of in my sketchbook, they're on my nails.

L to R:  Button up, Knitted sweater with shirt collar peeking over, Collar with ribbon, Collar with tie
Thumb:  Pea coat

White:  White by Art Deco
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
Red-violet:  Joy by American Eagle Outfitters
Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Black:  Black by Santee
Chunky silver glitter:  Chunky Silver by Kleancolor
Silver with glitter:  Elegant Mode by Jade
Green:  Teal Marble by Cherimoya
Silver:  Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors
Lavender:  No More Drama by Essence
Primrose:  Plum Baby by Revlon
White:  White On by Sally Hansen
Blue:  Savage by Sinful Colors
Lighter, glittery blue:  Hottie by Sinful Colors

Aqua Fresh

It's been a while ^^" and ugh, I didn't really keep up with doing nail art and/or taking pictures of them--much less actually posting them online, but most of them were really simple anyway.  This design's really easy and random too, but I love the Atlantis color, so I decided to just post it anyway.  And it totally reminds me of my old toothpaste.  I might redo it someday because by the time I took the pictures, it was already almost a week into chipping -3-

Black:  Black by Santee
White:  White by Art Deco
Transparent background glitter: HD by Milani
Blue-green glitter:  Atlantis by China Glaze