Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wow it's been a while but here's another one.  I was going to try to squeeze in another design before Christmas, but I just want to hang out with people during the break so I don't think I'm going to make it xD So anyway...
. : Merry Early Christmas! : .

L to R:  Holly, Lights, Tree, Candy Cane
Thumb:  Present (by request of a friend)

Black:  Black by Santee
White:  White by Art Deco
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
Green:  Envy by Sinful Colors
Silver:  Elegant Mode by Jade
Red multicolor glitter:  A Sparkle Yule Love by OPI
Pink:  Pretty in Pink/Rose Bonbon by Tip Toe/Old Navy
Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Gold:  Gold Flakes by Jade
Multicolor glitter:  Starry Silver Glitter by New York Color
Red + Green glitter:  Snowman by Blue Cross Beauty Products

Monday, November 19, 2012


My mandatory field trip for my Disneyland and Urbanism class was, of course to Anaheim's DL <3 So I thought I'd do my nails for the occasion.  It was sort of a weird trip though: I discovered a ton of rides I never knew existed, I saw the rainy-day version of the parade, there were already Christmas deco up that I don't remember ever seeing before, and I found that I can now analyze just about everything about Disneyland from its layout legibility to its trashcans... My childhood will never be the same >__>

Jungle Cruise:  Our tour guide narrator dude was SO funny, this officially became my favorite ride <3
L to R:  Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Thumb:  Pluto (I swear he looked better before, but I kind of smudged him after applying top coat...)

I thought about adding some glitter to add a little Disney magic, but I like how bold the colors turned out without it.

Black:  Liquid Leather by OPI & Black by Santee
Yellow:  Mellow Yellow by OPI & Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Peach:  Bamboo Shoot by Sally Hansen
Blue:  Marino by Borghese
Green:  Envy by Sinful Colors
Light green:  Dressmaker by Milani

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It's been a pretty tough week for me, but nothing a little pink and glitter couldn't fix, haha XP  I pretty much made up the design as I went, so it didn't turn out too bad, if a little inconsistent.

Black:  Black by Santee
Pink:  DS Reserve by OPI
Pink glitter:  Sparked by Wet n Wild
Gold glitter:  Gold Flakes by Jade
Multicolor glitter:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Silver[y pink]:  Unnamed by Nature Republic

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Nails

Almost didn't make it in time for the holiday, so it's kind of rushed, but done is done ;D

L to R:  Frankenstein zombie thing; Ghost + "BOO"; vampire fangs (looks more like a shark >_>"); black cat
Thumb:  Jack-o-lanturn

I didn't actually use any tools for this, so I guess it turned out good for using only brushes that came with the bottles (the black and white were thin though).

Black:  Black by Santee
White:  White by Art Deco
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Green:  Dressmaker by Milani
Pink:  Cappuccino by Milani
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
Black with red glitter:  Garnet Gems by Milani
Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Orange:  Neon Hot Orange by Nabi

Friday, October 26, 2012

Purple Mosaic

Just a simple design for the simple reason that I don't use my purples very often XP

Pink glitter:  Sparked by Wet n Wild
Dark purple:  Totally Cool by Milani
Lavender:  No More Drama by Essence
Primrose:  Plum Baby by Revlon
Silver glitter on top of 'Plum':  Elegant Mode by Jade

Sun, Set, and Glow

Ack, it's been a while since I posted, but honestly between God, college, and life, there just isn't that much time xD This was my nail art from the beginning of the month after getting back from Catalina Island, but I never got around to posting it.  Better late than never though, right?  Inspired by the fact that we got up flippin' early and hiked up this super long trail in the biting cold only to find that we missed the sunrise we went up to see.

Red-orange:  Oh-la-la by Sinful Colors
Golden yellow:  The "It" Color by OPI
Light yellow:  Mellow Yellow by Essence
White:  White On by Sally Hansen
Blue:  Marino by Borghese
Blue glitter:  Hottie by Sinful Colors

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Official Adulthood: Happy Birthday to me! :D

On the weekend before my birthday, I went home and out to dinner with my family and found out that my mom doesn't like feeling full; like, her mood legitly gets worse o__O which is unfathomable to me because how could you not want to keep eating? (especially when it's sushi) and because she took me to a buffet anyway, haha.

So on my actual birthday, I decided to take a nap & I woke up to people whispering my name, which was really weird, but I dismissed it as a some remnant of my dream.  But then when I opened my eyes, there were like, eight people from my Christian club standing in front of my bed with a plate of brownies to say happy birthday.  Which would have been suuuuuuuuuuuuper sweet if it weren't for the fact that I'd been sleeping really weirdly on 1/3 of the bed & had a bloated face because I slept right after stuffing myself & had a certain undergarment & other miscellaneous spewed all over my room ToT Well, it was kind of sweet anyway, but I'm so embarrassed >_<"!  Haha, now my roommates think I'm popular and have tons of fab friends here!

So anyway, here's the nail art:

L to R:  balloons, cake + candles, party hat, present
This was at the buffet and it was so cute, I had to take it with me back to school to show my roommates XD   It's made out of bread with sweet red bean inside, but it ttly looks like a fruit!  Trippy, non?

Tip Glitter:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Chunky Glitter:  Party of Five by Wet n Wild (I actually never liked Lippman's Happy Birthday or any of the dupes, but it reeeeeally suits birthday nail art! I have a new appreciation for it now :D)
Pink:  DS Reserve by OPI
Yellow:  The "It" Color by OPI
Blue:  Retro Bleu by Bonita
Red-orange:  Oh La La by Sinful Colors
Black:  Black by Santee

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flowers at your Fingertips

I tried to avoid it, but I ended up doing another floral design XP  I didn't want an opaque background at first because I wasn't planning on painting words, the design was just too plain without them.  So they're a little hard to see except on the thumb where I put a white base layer.  The words btw are from one of my favorite song verses ever from David Crowder Band's "Here Is Our King" because hey, I had to use pink, hey they ended up being roses, hey DCB sings a really beautiful verse about a rose (well, it's actually about God, but there's 'rose' somewhere in there), so why not?

"What was said to the rose to make it unfold was said to me..."

Nude:  Unnamed by F21
Pink:  Pretty in Pink/Rose Bonbon by Tip Toe/Old Navy (plus some mixture of red + white b/c I couldn't keep it pure)
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
White:  Unnamed by F21
Green glitter:  Green Ocean by Sinful Colors
Teal:  Choose Me! by Essence
Black:  Black by Santee
White:  White On by Sally Hansen

And that makes 19/19 :D  Ski Teal We Drop by OPI (which I used in my previous NCIS nail design) was actually also given to me by the same friend, so I ended up using 20/20 of her polish gifts throughout this little color campaign of mine <3 Props to you, Nanni~