Monday, November 19, 2012


My mandatory field trip for my Disneyland and Urbanism class was, of course to Anaheim's DL <3 So I thought I'd do my nails for the occasion.  It was sort of a weird trip though: I discovered a ton of rides I never knew existed, I saw the rainy-day version of the parade, there were already Christmas deco up that I don't remember ever seeing before, and I found that I can now analyze just about everything about Disneyland from its layout legibility to its trashcans... My childhood will never be the same >__>

Jungle Cruise:  Our tour guide narrator dude was SO funny, this officially became my favorite ride <3
L to R:  Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Thumb:  Pluto (I swear he looked better before, but I kind of smudged him after applying top coat...)

I thought about adding some glitter to add a little Disney magic, but I like how bold the colors turned out without it.

Black:  Liquid Leather by OPI & Black by Santee
Yellow:  Mellow Yellow by OPI & Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Red:  Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Peach:  Bamboo Shoot by Sally Hansen
Blue:  Marino by Borghese
Green:  Envy by Sinful Colors
Light green:  Dressmaker by Milani

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It's been a pretty tough week for me, but nothing a little pink and glitter couldn't fix, haha XP  I pretty much made up the design as I went, so it didn't turn out too bad, if a little inconsistent.

Black:  Black by Santee
Pink:  DS Reserve by OPI
Pink glitter:  Sparked by Wet n Wild
Gold glitter:  Gold Flakes by Jade
Multicolor glitter:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Silver[y pink]:  Unnamed by Nature Republic