Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Occidental College's frosh orientation's in three days, so I decided to take a little break from finishing off the polishes.  Inspired by my new mascot, the tiger.

Orange:  Neon Hot Orange by Nabi
Black:  Black by Santee (thin brush... except not really. It's a lot thicker than I thought it'd be.)
White:  White On by Sally Hansen
Yellow:  The "It" Color by OPI
Green:  Dressmaker by Milani

Mountain Retreat

My sister just came back from retreat, so I decided that something mountain-y wouldn't be uncalled for.

Please excuse the poor photography >__< I planned on getting better pictures later, but for whatever reason, my sister can never preserve manicures on her fingers for more than like, two days... so this is all I got.

Blue glitter:  Hottie by Sinful Colors
Blue:  Savage by Sinful Colors
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Green:  Envy by Sinful Colors
Light Green:  Unknown (maybe something in Korean) by Chamon

Two more down, ten more polishes to go~

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Once and Floral

I love thrifiting, swap meets, whatever I can dig through & find cool things for cheap prices <3 Our church had a yard sale on Saturday, and among other things, I got this uh, shelf thing for $4.  Mom suggested I put nail polish in it and voila~ Maybe someday, I'll paint it.

Looks more colorful and glorious in real life, I swear n___n
Also got this dress, which inspired my nail art this time around <3

Which ended up being another floral OTL I only realized it after I finished four of five nails.  I'm going to have to try to lay off the flowers from now on.  Well, I like this one anyway, though I'm kind of disappointed that the dress and nails don't match because I don't have brown, but green's a'ight.

Beige:  Bamboo Shoot by Sally Hansen
Red Violet:  Joy by AEO
Pink:  Social Ladder by Sinful Colors + Joy by AEO
Green:  San Francisco by Sinful Colors
Yellow:  Mellow Yellow by Essence + Unnamed by Forever 21

Two more colors down, twelve to go...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whole Heartedly

On a mission to use all nineteen of my new colors >w< 

Added gold:

Including the polishes I used in Velvet Flora, five colors down, fourteen to go!

Red orange:  Oh Lala by Sinful Colors
Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Green:  Dressmaker by Milani
Blue:  Savage by Sinful Colors
Silver glitter:  Elegant Mode by Jade
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Gold:  Gold Flakes by Jade

One Woman's Trash...

Just playing around with a gum wrapper while waiting to be picked up from the spa n__n You peel it, and it's like a super fragile, not-so-pretty nail sticker. The lighting wasn't too great, but w/e >3< ASDFGHJKL; I gotta get metallic polishes.

Velvet Flora v.2

A lot of times, I only do nail art on my left hand and leave the right hand with just the base color coating or with glitter & simple lines or w/e; nothing picture-worthy or anything just because it takes me so much longer, since I'd have to paint with my non-dominant hand, but I wanted to see the Velvet Flora with dots, so I decided to recreate it on my right.  Turns out, it's also a lot harder to take pictures with my left hand xP but here it is.

Red:  Joy by American Eagle Outfitters
Silver:  Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors
Glitter:  Chunky Silver by Kleancolor