Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cat Nail Art

I received a lot of mixed reactions on this design.  The extremes were from my mom, who could only see black and white scribbles even after I told her it was a cat, and from a barrista, who spent a good minute telling me how impressed she was.  I probably should have based it on a different kind of cat; might have been clearer that way, but as always, it looked better in my head and on paper.

Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Pink:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Blue:  Retro Bleu by Bonita
Black:  Black by Santee
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monarch Butterfly Nails

This is my third time doing this design, and, in this case, practice does not make perfect.  It feels like my hand trembles more every time, but the reason for that could either be because my idea of the standard nail length has been getting longer or because of my steadily deteriorating sleeping pattern.

I like this design because it's simple, bright, eye-catching, and fairly easy to draw on both hands.  Plus, it puts my ugly orange polish to good use.

2nd attempt years ago:

3rd attempt now:

I don't know how the orange came out with such a pretty yellow gradient in the sunlight; I wish it'd do that all the time.
Black:  Black by Santee
White:  Unnamed by Forever 21
Orange:  Neon Hot Orange by Nabi

Good, Better, Serperior

I started playing Pokemon Black 2 last week, and I hope I can really get into it without feeling like I'm just replaying its predecessor.  I honestly wish we could get different starters because I only like the Snivy-Servine-Serperior line, and its stats are pretty poor.  I miss the days when I spent the longest time agonizing over which starter to pick.  Anyway, I like Serperior's design, but I can't wrap my head around the fact that it has hands. Also, its name is a pun, which makes it even better.

Anyway, my sister needed a mani so this one was for her.

Black:  Black by Santee
White:  White by Art Deco
Green:  Envy by Sinful Colors
Light Green:  Dressmaker by Milani
Green glitter:  Starry Meteor by Kleancolor

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time

So I misjudged a lot of the colors I used in this design, particularly the Cappucino background--it came out a lot darker than I had anticipated, not the natural pink with the subtle gold shimmer I was imagining.  Oops.  At least there are birds and hearts and white and glitter and ribbons to liven it up.

White:  White by Art Deco
White:  White On by Sally Hansen
Pink (background):  Cappucino by Milani
Pink glitter:  Sparked by Wet n Wild
Pink (cheeks):  Pretty in Pink/Rose Bonbon by Tip Toe/Old Navy
Yellow:  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Gold Glitter:  Gold Flakes by Jade
Blue:  Savage by Sinful Colors
Silver:  Chunky Silver by Kleancolor
Top Coat:  60 Seconds by Rimmel

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Treepin'

Springtime is so not spring-like right now.  The weather has been all over the place--rain, shine, clouds, wind, everything.  I like the cold weather we get in the morning, but then it'll get really hot later in the day, so the amount of layering I have to do is kind of ridiculous.  Gotta love Cali's fickle, fickle skies.

...Anyway, I wanted spring nail art without getting too Easter-y or floral yet, so trees were the next best thing.  They came out a lot more artificial and candy-like than I expected, but I think that's mostly due to the colors--it's hard to get neon yellow and this really weirdly gaudy pink to give off a natural feeling.  Plus, it's a lot more glittery in person.

Green (leaves):  Envy by Sinful Colors
Green (grass):  San Francisco by Sinful Colors
Green (background):  Dressmaker by Milani
Green glitter (background):  Starry Meteor by Kleancolor
Green glitter flakes (background):  Green Ocean by Sinful Colors
Yellow (leaves):  Funky Yellow by Kleancolor
Yellow (background):  Unicorn by Sinful Colors
Pink (leaves):  Pretty in Pink/Rose Bonbon by Tip Toe/Old Navy
Black:  Black by Santee